Casino Perla is Europe’s largest casino, located in a large, modern-designed property that includes both the gaming room and hotels and restaurants. In addition to being the scene of events related to the game, the Casino Perla also presents itself as an environment dedicated to all forms of recreation. For this reason, it is not surprising that the same structure also presents conference rooms and a theater where artists from the international scene perform. When you arrive at casino Pearl you can immediately feel the atmosphere of relaxation and fun that only a great professional gaming room can offer.


Among the tournaments hosted by Casino Perla are competitions dedicated to different card games and more. Among the Poker tournaments we mention the WPPT (World Professional Poker Tour) which annually welcomes some of the strongest players in the world and puts up prize money of around 700 thousand euros. In addition to the WPPT, Casino Pearl is home to the Shark Bay Cup, one of the web’s most popular poker tournaments, which takes place right in the halls of this casino. In addition to poker tournaments, Casino Pearl also hosts Chemin De Fer, Punto Banco and Roulette tournament competitions.

Casino Games

At Casino Pearl you can challenge your luck on one of the 87 gaming tables including Roulette and card games such as Blackjack, Double Black Jack, Mini Point Bank, Hit Draw Poker and Texas Hold’em Bonus. Casino Perla also has 13 tables located in the Privé, which have higher maximum bets for “high roller” players, or more experienced ones. Poker lovers will enjoy the “Poker Room” of casino Pearl with 30 gaming tables dedicated to different variants.

General Information

As for hospitality, Casino Perla offers several solutions directly in its own property. In fact, the large and modern casino host building allows you to stay in both rooms and suites with all amenities and cheap prices. The Organization of the Casino Pearl has packages including the game, the restaurant, the accommodation and even the spas equipped with swimming pools and equipped saunas. The 4-star hotel offers 225 rooms, 20 suites and 4 luxury suites.


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December 2021