The Casino del Valle is located in the laughing town of Saint Vincent, in Valle D’Aosta, a top-notch tourist destination due to the beautiful landscape appreciable throughout the months of the year, from the winter ones with snow and ski slopes equipped, to the summer ones where the green returns lush. During the spring and autumn months, the fresh and pure air surrounding the Casino Della Valle accommodates the atmosphere of relaxation that you can breathe during your stay. Casino Della Valle is not very big, but it manages to offer high quality games and services in an efficient and professional facility.


If you like to play for competitions, the Casino Della Valle is ready to satisfy your desire through the programming of Poker and Chemin De Fer tournaments. As far as poker is concerned, there are daily evening tournaments with buy-ins that start at 40 euros for satellites and go up to 300 euros for main events. Casino Della Valle, however, is one of the most popular gaming rooms for Chemin De Fer, for which daily tournaments of various kinds are held throughout the year.

Available Games

Available Games of the ValleyThe Casino Della Valle offers gaming opportunities to lovers of the most diverse casino specialties such as Black Jack, Chemin De Fer, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Point Bank, Trente et Quarante. As for Poker, Casino Della Valle offers the chance to play Telesina, Texas Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and the specialty of the house: Poker Saint Vincent with an electronically controlled progressive jackpot. Among the Roulettes, the Casino Della Valle includes the American variant, the French and the FaiRoulette that provides for the distribution of tokens of different color.

General Information

As mentioned at the opening, Casino Della Valle is located in the small town of Saint Vincent, a tourist town with everything you need for a carefree and equipped stay. Overnight, lunch, skiing, playing, playing sports, dining, having fun: Saint Vincent is ready and waiting for you. Casino Della Valle offers a free shuttle service to restaurants and hotels in Chatillon and Saint Vincent, daily from 2.30pm to the close of games.


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December 2021