The Barcelona Casino is one of the best gaming environments in Europe and is located on the city’s waterfront, within the Marina Village, a neighborhood immersed in the atmosphere of fun and recreation typical of Barcelona, in an area with numerous bars, restaurants, hotels ready to welcome tourists of all kinds but especially customers of the Barcelona Casino, aggregation point for all lovers of gambling and more specifically poker. Its structure is located in front of the sea and is easily accessible by both private and public means, such as the subway (L4 line).


As for tournaments, the Barcelona Casino can be considered as the most complete and professional gaming hall in Europe. In fact, this offers both international “historic” tournaments and domestic competitions. Among the many historic tournaments that stop at the Barcelona Casino are the World Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour, the European Masters of Poker, the Full Tilt Poker Series and many more. Among the “internal” tournaments, the Barcelona Casino instead offers a dozen tournaments including the Spanish Poker Championship and the Catalunya Poker Tour.

Casino Games

The Barcelona Casino games are organized according to the three large categories of board games, Poker and Slot Machine. Board games include American Roulette, Roulette French, Black Jack and Caribbean Poker. Although the Barcelona Casino focuses more on Poker, this also includes a good variety of Slots with both fixed and progressive jackpots. As for Poker, the Barcelona Casino in addition to the tournaments organizes individual tables of Texas Hold’em and Omaha, both in tournament version and cash version.

General Information

The Barcelona Casino has it for everyone: restaurants, buffets, cafes, bars and even a haute Japanese restaurant. Sushi also goes strong in Spain, but among the locals of the Barcelona Casino there is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the world, so if you like fish you can’t miss this opportunity at all. To stay near the Barcelona Casino you will find many hotels, hotels and apartments with availability throughout the year, including the busiest summer months. Contacts If you are interested in reaching out or contacting the Barcelona Casino here are some useful information


December 2021